The MayorHello, or to put it into Hamster-speech:

Ollah - because we Hamster speak backwards.


Welcome to Hamstertown aka Hamsterhausen. We have been around since 2001 after the first short story was published in German only on

Meanwhile, 11 official and a lot of unpublished short stories have been written.

The books have grown with the kids - so they are for the very young to older children and grandmothers and grandfathers.

Who are they , what are they called ?

Well, the hamsters naturally have names and we should present only once. If we start with the mayor , that is not the way that 's kind of important. But he is part of it :

The Mayor: good for boring speeches, nothing else.

Botchy: when catastrophe happens he is not far.

Flecki: always good for ideas, constantly annoyed by Goldi.

Goldi: eating , explosions and unusual ideas.

Trample: The Unlucky by the service.

Hamstilidamst: always there, never falls particularly on or off .

Tuffie: repair hamster, often suffers from her boss Botchy.

Dodo : big and strong, contrary to his brain.

Dasie : Sasie's big sister and best friend.

Sasie : never misses an adventure, dance partner of Tati.

Tati : Flecki's older brother, Tealeafy's twin brother.

Tealeafy : like Tati - playful and always in a good mood.

Here is an archive image of all of us:

The Repair Team of Hamsterto(w)n